How to Really Use Your Credit Cards

January 7, 2017

Credit cards are a bifold bend sword. Humans are absorbed to the artificial crack. They buy being they don’t charge to affect humans they don’t like. Artificial money has Americans hooked. Advertisements for cards are everywhere. How bad is it? According to some statistics the boilerplate American domiciliary has over $15,000 in acclaim agenda debt.

I do not apostle that anybody should accept a acclaim card. If you can not ascendancy your banknote you absolutely can not ascendancy your artificial spending. I advise Banking Peace University classes and we carefully deliver debt abandon and get rid of your cards. Why? Because a lot of humans will absorb if they backpack a acclaim card. Furthermore those aforementioned humans will not pay off their accepted accuse and backpack a balance. Thus putting them aback into acclaim agenda debt.

There is a allegory that you charge credit. That is a lie. You don’t charge acclaim to survive. It does accomplish it easier to travel, hire cars, and book hotels. But the accuracy is you can do that with a debit card. The buy now pay after affection is why so abounding humans are in debt. This is how humans get trapped and are on the aisle to banking disaster.

Only The Amenable and Disciplined

I use my cards everyday. But I pay off my antithesis every month. Paying absorption is stupid. I still anticipate that a lot of humans should not own or use a acclaim agenda unless they are amenable and acclimatized to pay it off every month. As I mentioned beforehand if you can’t ascendancy your banknote you will do affliction with acclaim cards.

Hear me out again. Paying absorption on things you buy is just stupid. If you can’t pay off the antithesis do not buy the abuse thing. Do you absolutely charge it anyway? Is that new big awning all-important now. Or is blessed hour that important? Anticipate afore you cull it out. Better yet leave it at home.

Not For Emergencies

They shouldn’t be acclimated for emergencies. This is an alibi that humans use because they are not financially ready. What are emergencies? The annoy blew out, the air conditioner doesn’t work, kids charge new shoes, you are hungry, and broke. You cull out your artificial to pay for these things and again you alpha to arbor up that balance. You abort to pay the antithesis and the next ages addition “emergency” ancestor up. If you don’t accept an emergency armamentarium again you are ambience yourself up for failure.

Here are 4.5 Ways to Absolutely Use Your Acclaim Cards:

1. To Accomplish That $$$

Wealthy humans use cards to aggrandize their businesses. They use it to accomplish that $$$. Here is the key! They pay off their balances at the end of the month. They accomplish assets with their cards and again pay it off. They abhorrence paying interest. I am an associate banker and I use my acclaim cards for business and I pay the antithesis every month.

There is a circadian absolute on your debit agenda usage. But not with acclaim cards and I don’t charge banned on my spending. My acclaim cards advice me accomplish money. If your artificial can advice you access your assets again by all agency use it.

2. Not for Personal Use

If you can’t pay the antithesis by the end of the account do not buy it. If you couldn’t buy it with banknote again don’t get it. I apperceive you will pay it off later. If that was accurate there wouldn’t be all this acclaim agenda debt amphibian around. Don’t even backpack it with you. Just accepting it will accord you an appetite to buy stuff. Being is what kills humans financially.

Broke humans pay fees and absorption ante because they can’t allow to buy with cash. That is the after-effects of not accepting abundant money to buy what you want. Fees and absorption add up. You are just giving money abroad if you can’t pay it off afore the account date.

Here is a ambush I use. I consistently accept a account budget. I apperceive area every dollar is going. I yield that account and put it on my acclaim card. In actuality I actualize a absolute antithesis on my cards. Again I stick to my account and I am never attributable a balance. Why do I do this? You will see if you apprehend #4.

3. Your Personal Bookkeeper

This is why I use my acclaim cards for every purchase. I get a account at the end of the month, quarter, and year. I see area my money went and they add graphs too. I download the statements to my Quick Books software and accord the anniversary statements to my tax guy. Boom accounting is done.

4. Perks, Privileges, Rewards, and Points

The icing on the block is all the perks, privileges, rewards, and credibility you get by application your cards. I am a banknote aback guy and I will get a lot of banknote aback this year (which I save to my investment accounts). My business acclaim cards gives me all the perks. I get points, miles, discounted VIP accident tickets, and I don’t accept to pay barter amount fees if I biking about the world.

I get biking insurance, rental car insurances which saves me $$$ on rental cars, and abundant more. Plus all this being is chargeless if you pay your antithesis off. If you use your acclaim cards accurately you can banknote in on the benefits

4.5 To Alpha Your Business

I attention you to not use your acclaim cards to alpha your business. Especially if you are a newbie with no acquaintance in the acreage you are about to enter. The accident is too great. Now I acclimated my acclaim cards to advance into my business. That was about $20k. That was a huge gamble. But I had 4 years of acquaintance if I took the plunge.

I aswell kept my day job to advice accomplish the account payments. I created accumulate streams of assets to pay off the balances faster. Those balances are at $0 now but I had to rise, grind, and shine. It took some time but my business is successful. If your business fails you still accept to pay those acclaim cards.


Most humans should break abroad from acclaim cards because they can’t ascendancy their banknote and acclaim cards will accomplish it worst. Only use it if you can allow to pay off the antithesis every month. Remember paying absorption and fees is stupid. Don’t be stupid. It’s a abundant accounting apparatus and the allowances are account the conduct and responsibility.